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The CRUSH opportunity is driven by powerful products, a very lucrative commission plan, proven business building tools and our own revolutionary App - The CRUSH Mobile Business System - giving you an unfair advantage for success. It's all expertly designed to help you earn extra income fast and build long-term residual income to protect your financial future. With CRUSH, what you do part-time can pay you for a life-time!

There are plenty of risks and headaches with most traditional businesses. They can cost hundreds of thousands to start. You have to worry about inventory, advertising and promotion, employees, overhead, and much more. A CRUSH business, however, is one that makes sense.


There are so many ways of getting paid at CRUSH and some of them happen immediately when you take advantage of the exclusive wholesale purchasing power you have as a Promoter.

Retail Profit

As a CRUSH Promoter, you can sell at retail prices online from your personalized website, or confidently deliver them in person. Either way, the wholesale-retail profits generated by these Customer sales are entirely yours.

2 & FREE

With "2 & FREE" When you have 2 personal Customers enrolled in the Autoship Program, you are eligible to receive a free bottle of LYFE CBD OIL each and every month as long as they continue their Autoship. You will receive 1 bottle of LYFE if you have 2 personal Customer Autoship orders for LYFE 500, LYFE750, LYTE 500 or LYTE Lotion during the calendar month!*

Fast Start Bonus

When you invite others to join you in building a CRUSH business, you can earn immediate income! When a new Promoter purchases their Enrollment Pack, you earn up to $100 on each Pack, through 4 levels, as a FAST START BONUS. These bonuses gets paid directly to you - every week!


Be prepared to experience the power of networking first hand when you begin the rewarding process of personally building a team of Promoters - people just like you looking for a fun and realistic way to enhance their lives.

Unilevel Team Commissions

This bonus is the foundation of your business and the key to the lifetime residual income we all dream about! If you are familiar with the Direct Selling industry, you will immediately recognize the major benefits of a Unilevel plan being made part of the underlying CRUSH commission structure. Earn up to 5% of the CV on each level - up to 8 levels deep.

Unilevel Matching Bonus

This Bonus provides a strong incentive for Sponsors to mentor and help develop Promoters that are deep within their organizations. Earn 10% of the Unilevel Bonuses of your Personally Sponsored Promoters and 10% on up to four (4) additional levels. For C5K rank and above.

Generational Leadership Bonus

Developing leaders on your team is an important key to your CRUSH career path and for the people you sponsor into your business. That is why we recognize and encourage your successful steps with a bonus that rewards you specifically for helping others achieve success with their CRUSH businesses. Get rewarded for as many as 5 Generations of leaders. Designed to allow the Potential to be paid on unlimited levels. For C5K rank and above.

Global Bonus Pool

Become a CRUSH Leader and the rewards are unmatched with the Global Bonus Pool! The leaders who continue to build and help the company succeed over the long-term deserve this special Bonus. Qualify to share in a Global Pool drawing from 3% of Company Unilevel. Feel like an "Owner" of CRUSH by sharing in limitless global revenues. For C25K rank and above.